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Who is this girl? Click here to find out and to see her adventures in bad rhinoplasty.

Ginger Isn’t Sexy Anymore

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Actress Tina Louise is best known to the public as sexy red head Ginger on ‘Gilligan’s Island‘. Well, unfortunately, she isn’t so sexy anymore; she’s a senior citizen desperately clinging on to the remnants of her long departed youth. In pursuit of the hopeless quest of finding the fountain of youth, she’s mutilated her face. See the photos below. She’s had numerous face lifts, her skin is so tightly stretched that it has a permanent shine. She’s also had all her buccal fat in her cheeks removed, her jaw line is much slimmer now.

tina louise so sexy

Here’s a more detailed time line of Tina’s decent into plastic surgery hell. In the first photo, you can tell she’s already had a nose job (60’s nose jobs were not that great). The second photo is from the mid to late 70s, she’s obviously had her nose worked on again and not in a good way, because her nostrils are permanently flared in repose. The last photo is from the last two to three years and Tina is sporting a totally new look. Her nose has been worked on some more (the flaring is gone), the face is much slimmer, and her skin is tightened and chemically peeled to within an inch of its life! She has fewer lines in the third picture than she does in the second and the third photo is 20 years older than the second.


Sarah Jessica Parker

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Sarah Jessica Parker, like Sophia Loren, is the queen of good plastic surgery. She has has had a series of subtle refinements to her nose over the years. In the first one, her tip is not as refined. In the second, it is more defined, and in the third, it is alot more perfect. See the photos below.

Early 90’s

Here’s another example of her subtle refinement from another angle, the first photo is from the early 80’s and the second is from a recent appearance in NYC. Notice that the wideness of her nose is gone in the second photo.

sarah jessica parker before nose job after nose job sarah jessica parker

Cher’s New Face

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young_cher.jpg cher

The first picture is Cher from the 60’s. Notice how her lips were thinner. Now, look at the other Cher photo. Sure she’s older, but the plastic surgery does not enhance her looks. There’s too much lip collagen in her lips and for some odd reason she tweaked her nose.

Search for Cher

Joan Van Ark Plastic Surgery Victim of the Day

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Joan Van Ark circa 1979 - notice the old fashioned nose job

Joan Van Ark

Joan Van Ark Circa 2002 - too tight face lift, wizened chicken neck that does not natch the face, more nose surgery, and an eye lift fail to stall time


“I’ve never seen anybody worry so much about how she looks,” marvels Beverly Archer, who worked with Van Ark in the series We’ve Got Each Other. “She practically has to have plastic surgery before she’ll let herself go on camera.”

Well, now we have verification that Joan Van Ark loves plastic surgery; the quote is lifted from a TV guide article on the actress. She’s had too many face lifts, an eye lift, a nose job, and cheek implants. She also lies about her age, its listed as 1943 at IMDB. Its actually 5 years earlier. She also abuses botox.

Ouch my lips!

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This is an example of how not to insert collagen into your lips. Sometimes, you just have to tell patients that they’ve got enough stuffing in their lips. I guess Melanie Griffith’s doctor couldn’t turn her down.

Melanie Griffith scares me

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melanie griffith melanie_griffith.jpg

Melanie Griffith was once a cute fresh faced pixie. The first photo is Melanie back in the 80’s. Notice the thin lips and smaller nose! Her lips are stuffed with collagen and her face is so tight she can’t smile, she just grimaces! Why is her nose larger? Could it be from pharmaceuticals?Now, her face has very frightening gargoyle type qualities. Her lips are bursting with collagen, her skin is stretched tight, her cheek implants are bulging. She really does not look like her former self anymore, no wonder her husband Antonio Banderas allegedly likes to stray. Oh and by the way, who thinks that braids like hers went out about 20 years ago? Can’t she afford a decent stylist?

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